Technical: Height Control Valve (HCV) Maintenance


Note: For component identification and valve porting information, please refer to our KOTR Exploded View/Valve Porting page.


The King of the Road™ Height Control Valve is a precision-built device, carefully calibrated using dedicated test and inspection equipment. It is not recommended to attempt field service or adjustment beyond the arm/height adjustment or troubleshooting detailed in our other technical documents. In the unlikely event a King of the Road™ Height Control Valve does require service, return it to King of the Road for warranty consideration.

Removing Cover/Mounting Bracket

Removal of mounting bracket (cover) is not recommended because of possible contamination of the valve internal components.

Repair Parts

Please note that fittings, gaskets check valves and other components are available. Please see our ‘Contact Us’ page for ordering information.

See warranty details for specific terms, conditions, and return policies.

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