Hi, my username on S (11/14/2015)
Hi, my username on SL1 was Jimbo and I has an <a href="http://srnmgd.com">acunoct</a> for over 2 years on the smokey server when it all got moved over from several servers. I used my <a href="http://srnmgd.com">acunoct</a> everday and topped up credits quite often. I started off with a team name Craven Cottagers then changed it to The Pompey Chimes. Unfortunately work commitments were high along with my family, but things have settled now and will give this new SL2 a go. I just wanted to see if I was entitled to a compensation package as I was a regular on SL1 and remained loyal to the game.Look forward to hearing from you.RegardsJames Watters (was Maskell) old email:

Pjd - nJpOBYMVW0h
Ditch the woman and (11/12/2015)
Ditch the woman and ditch the´╗┐ comentator and then you would have a fun dance. Whats with all the fnluet swirly business? When did robots dance like that?!?

Osmar - J3Et46ApiV
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